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At Bürkert, career is measured by freedom of creativity and not by the size of the boss’s office.

Flat hierarchies and open doors are an integral part of Bürkert’s corporate culture – and also part of the process organisation. Everyone helps everyone. This creates trust and therefore the freedom to develop according to the individual’s personality.

Marc Steffen Dahlheimer


“During my first days as a trainee I met the managing directors in the hallway at Bürkert. They both greeted me and the other trainees by name. This respect made a deep impression on me. Today, almost a decade later, I also encounter our junior staff at eye level – and am pleased that this respect is well received.”

Marc-Steffen Dahlheimer started as a trainee at Bürkert. That was almost 10 years ago, and even then his desire to accept responsibility early on was apparent. After his trainee programme, the industrial engineer was co-responsible for the introduction of new products in serial production within series startup management. One year later Marc-Steffen Dahlheimer switched to our Systemhaus in Menden. With enthusiasm for creative design he worked there on process and product optimisation and contributed to the development of the location.

Since 2011 he has been solely responsible for production at the Ingelfingen factory. To this day he is not interested in status symbols. Much more important to him is the responsibility which has increased over the years and the associated opportunities for freedom to act. This type of career has always been his goal and he will continue to pursue it.