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Counting in microliters?

Even in the very little things we do, we demonstrate true greatness. Bürkert develops individual system solu­tions in the Micro segment which combine maximum precision and minimum effort in minimum space. Especially for applications where every drop counts.


Our solutions in the segment micro.

Whether for applications in clinical diagnostics, DNA synthesis, medical technology, analytical equipment, in high-throughput laboratory automation or in industrial inkjet printing – Bürkert system solutions demonstrate their effectiveness whenever the dosing of small amounts of liquid requires high precision. Microfluidics is our world. Regardless of whether you work with aggressive solvents, reagents or neutral fluids – you can count on our precision.

Why we are organized in segments.

Bürkert’s way of thinking and working in terms of application-based segments Water, Gas, Hygienic and Micro instead of industries may seem unusual at first. But it allows us to dive deep into your world and gives you the opportunity to benefit from surprisingly new and individual solutions far better than the industry standard.

This organization has two simple reasons:

The first reason is you. Why? These segments establish the most simple and logical connection possible to the application world of each customer. This close relation­ship is in turn the prerequisite for a better understanding of your requirements – and not just of ‘What you do’, but more importantly, of ‘Why you do it’. The answers to these questions are the only fruitful ground on which truly customised ideas can develop.

The second reason is our Bürkert team, which is respon­sible for you and your project. Because thinking and working in terms of segments guarantees consistent technology across industries and a constant flow of knowledge transfer. The synergy of expertise and differ­ent experiences in our teams is in turn prerequisite for developing not only industry-specific but also surprising ideas – faster and more original than others.

References in the segment micro:


Dosing unit leads to cost savings in clinical diagnostics

Cost efficient and flexible fluid analysis systems by modular designed and universally applicable dosing units -  BioSystems S.A. relies on Bürkert´s know-how and quality products.

Customer reference

Premium kitchen and bath experience through long-term innovation partnership

Support and development of innovative kitchen and bath products in cooperation with Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co KG

Customer reference

Bürkert solenoid valves prove themselves in the production of PET tracers

Solenoid valves for the production of radioactive tracer substances for oncological diagnostics in collaboration with the VU University Medical Center (VUmc) in Amsterdam

Customer reference
Female patient laying on a dentist chair from KaVo

Compact water and air block for dental treatment units

Water treatment, purification units and pressure supply components in KaVo Dental GmbH dental treatment units

Customer reference

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