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Drinking water tanks in the galley

Fast drainage just in time

At a glance:

  • Application: Effective drainage of rail car water tanks
  • Requirement: Adherence to standards, complete drainage and low power consumption
  • Solution: Adapted solenoid valves, which can also be operated manually & meet all standards
  • Added values: Reduced costs due to a minimised level of maintenance

In galley rail cars, fresh water stored in tanks is used to prepare food and drinks. At various locations along the route, they are filled with water of different qualities and are subject to temperature fluctuations. This results in the formation of deposits in the tanks, such as scale which spreads throughout the entire pipe network.

Why reliable drainage is important

If a galley car is sidelined, the water tank must be drained, especially in the winter at temperatures below 4°C, as it might otherwise be damaged. Thanks to complete drainage of the tank, including the pipe network, all accumulated dirt and deposits are flushed out. These particles may lead to subsequent sealing problems at the valves, e.g. constant leakage which causes an above-average level of water consumption during refilling or even water damage in the galley located beneath the tank.

Advantages of our media separated solenoid valves:

  • they are able to cope with deposits
  • they can be operated manually when the cars are parked up without a locomotive and thus without a power supply
  • they have large orifices since they have to operate at various locations with varying levels of pressure
  • they have low power requirements to reduce the impact on resources

In close cooperation with railway companies, two media-separated solenoid valve types were selected for this precise task. Thanks to their graduated performance, the Type 0330 and Type 0131 valves can be very easily adapted to the individual applications to ensure the defined drainage time is met and all accumulated dirt and deposits are also flushed out. 

Typical applications for particle handling

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The ideal media separated solenoid valve for your application

Type 0131

Toggle valves 2/2 or 3/2 way direct-acting

Type 0131
  • Direct-acting, media separated valve with diameter of up to DN 20
  • Vibration-proof, block screwed coil system
  • Energy-saving power reduction in all DC versions
  • Increased safety with electric position feedback (optional)
  • Robust, service-friendly manual override

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