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Continuous casting with a constant melting flow

Uniform casting properties for optimum product quality

Your benefits:

  • Optimum process continuity
  • Maximum steel quality without bubbles and crystals
  • High productivity due to fast cycle times

Only with a uniform fluid ability of molten metal, high levels of purity for your products can be guaranteed. A key factor for the product quality is an exact dosing of the amount of gas (argon), which also has to be on time. These requirements can be accomplished with the help of Bürkerts mass flow controllers (MFCs).

As a result of pressure drop, the most critical step when casting is to open the gate valve which pours the molten metal into the tundish. To prevent air entering the gate valve, pressurization with argon is generated. The molten metal is stored in the tundish temporarily. An argon diffusor helps to keep the mass of molten metal moving. Argon is introduced into the stopper mechanism before it opens and the molten metal flows into the nozzle. This helps improving the flow characteristics of the molten metal. The quality of the continuous casting process is thus optimised.

Integrated pressure & flow control system

Precise pressure and flow control while continous casting

Precise pressure and flow control while continuous casting

Best product quality due to constant pressure conditions

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Functional process gases for heat and melt treatment

Heat Treatment Application

Dynamically controlled heat treatment

Repeatable, documentable, digital

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Der MFC 8745 regelt Drücke bis 25 bar. Er macht einen Hochdruck-Bypass überflüssig.

Controlling process gases for reproducible steel qualities

Are you looking for a simple solution to modernise your molten metal treatment process? Do you need to control the gases of your molten metal treatment precisely and reproducibly? Bürkert mass flow controllers can be integrated quickly and make your plant fit for the future

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Products for continuous casting

Good gas control depends heavily on the selection of the right components. In order to meet the requirements of industry 4.0, Bürkert offers suitable products for your process gas treatment. Whether valves, mass flow controllers (MFCs) or digital communication technology - Bürkert is the right partner.

Find out more about our continuous casting product portfolio now:

Four mass flow meters connected to a laptop via a system control unit

Sustainable products for your gas application

Perfect gas control is characterised by the right choice of components. We offer you a tailored choice of products for your application to ensure you are ready for Industry 4.0.

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Individual system solutions

Are you looking for a tailor-made system for your process gas treatment? Then find out more about the Bürkert Systemhaus.

Download our flyer to learn more about continuous casting:


Flyer Functional process gases - controlled with high repeatability

Automated process control of supporting auxiliary gases

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