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Micro Valve: WhisperValve

Minimum size meets maximum performance

"Who's to say that you have to hear the switching of a valve, anyway?"

Increasing miniaturisation with higher performance - that is what is required today in all industrial sectors. Our new WhisperValve micro valve technology keeps pace with these trends, featuring an extremely compact design with unusually high efficiency for its size. Innovative actuator technology enables virtually silent switching of the valve, which makes the WhisperValve unique in its markets. A design with minimal internal volume, excellent flushability and reliable media separation is combined with high switching speed and dosing accuracy. The new actuator also enables proportional switching behaviour of the valve. 


Type 6712

2/2-way Whisper Valve with media separation

Type 6712
  • Highest chemical resistance combined with minimum internal volume
  • Compact design with 7 mm installation width
  • DN 0.8 mm (3 bar) and 0.4 mm (5 bar)
  • Switching noise < 36 dB
  • For dosing applications with excellent cleanability

Type 6724

2/2 or 3/2-way Whisper Valve with media separation

Type 6724
  • Highest chemical resistance
  • Compact design with 8.9 mm installation width
  • DN 0.8 mm (vacuum up to 5 bar) and 1.2 mm (vacuum up to 3 bar)
  • Very fast, almost silent switching with < 20 dB (A) and very low power consumption
  • High back-pressure tightness, excellent cleanability and 100% duty cycle

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