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Efficient and reliable solutions for pharmaceutical production processes

Water treatment (PW & WFI)
Providing Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI) in the right quantity and quality
Guaranteeing an optimum fermentation process with Bürkert solutions
Clean in Place
Hygienic cleaning without any residue
How to separate media into components with Bürkert
Filtration and purification
How to physically separate and purify media
Steam and heat transfer
High-tech Bürkert solutions for sterile steam

Safety is the top priority in pharmaceutics: Pharmaceuticals are produced in sterile conditions to comply with strict hygiene standards, since human lives depend on the quality of pharmaceutical products. Even secondary media must be available in the purest form possible under strictly controlled conditions. Nonetheless, it is also important in the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture products quickly and efficiently. With Bürkert, you have an experienced partner on your side for reliable pharmaceutical production: Bürkert products and automation solutions have been applied successfully in the pharmaceutical industry for many years and meet all the specified hygiene regulations. Utilise an efficient solution that saves you time and money, while offering reliable and efficient production.


Discover just how easily pharmaceutical production processes can be automated and controlled using established solutions from Bürkert!



We provide support for these applications:



1. Fermentation

In pharmaceutical biotechnology, fermentation is a chemical process to convert biological materials. In the fermenter, complete, living cells or their components, such as bacteria, enzymes or chloroplasts, are used as biocatalysts. This allows the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, such as insulin and a variety of antibiotics. Fermentation relies on constant temperature conditions and the precise dosing of media. Bürkert provides hygienic valves and mass flow controllers that can be controlled automatically. 



Bürkert solutions for fermentation applications

2. Separation

When manufacturing pharmaceutical products, you want to secure the maximum quantity of your end product. To achieve this goal, you need to separate the required media exactly into its various components. This biophysical technique of separating and identifying the individual components is referred to as separation. Bürkert offers a variety of solutions for this key process in the pharmaceutical industry: hygienic and aseptic valves, flowmeters, valve islands and control cabinets. 


Benefit from Bürkert separation solutions

3. Filtration and purification   

Bürkert has extensive experience of filtration and purification techniques in hygienic environments. You can also physically separate the components of a mixture by forcing the mixture through a physical barrier, such as a filter. In this case, only molecular components that are below a certain molecular weight limit are able to pass through the filter.


Which solutions can Bürkert provide you with for your filtration activities?

4. Ultrapure water treatment 

In pharmaceutical production, water of the purest quality must be available quickly and easily. When it comes to water treatment, the incoming water is filtered and purified to produce Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI). They are used as product components or as cleaning and disinfecting agents and must, therefore, meet the strictest requirements. Bürkert is committed to your success: You can rely on the know-how and tried-and-tested technologies of Bürkert.

Monitoring water quality with Type 8905Monitoring and analysing water online

Bürkert solutions that really help you

5. Steam and heat transfer

The thermal evaporation process converts Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI) into pure or clean steam. You can then use the steam in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process for controlling temperatures, cleaning and sterilising. Bürkert high-tech solutions are specially designed for the hygienic environment.


Solutions for steam and heat transfer applications

6. Clean in Place

CIP (Clean in Place) describes the fluidic cleaning of product contact surfaces in hygienic devices, pipelines and components. The advantage: Cleaning is carried out without having to dismantle the equipment or systems in advance. The cleaning processes are time-based, multi-stage and multi-cyclical, and are defined specifically for a certain piece of equipment or system. CIP is followed by SIP (Sterilise in Place): In order to sterilise product contact surfaces, pure steam is fed into the device. After a certain period of time at a fixed temperature, all organisms have been killed or other impurities removed.


Bürkert solution for Clean in Place applications

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