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Your Project Partner

Designing and building new pharmaceutical processes is a complex and expensive task. New processes or skids can be simplified and made more cost-effective by improving communication and working with an experienced solutions provider. By coordinating the different project design groups and optimising the purchasing process by combining a number of product packages, Bürkert are the perfect partner for pharmaceutical projects. 

Some customers know Bürkert for our automation expertise, for example supply of control cabinets, or pneumatic valve islands. Some customers know Bürkert for our process valves, for example hygienic diaphragm valves. Some customers know Bürkert for our measurement instrumentation and control, for example flow metering and batch control.

The really exciting part is that we can offer all (or a combination of) the above and our aim is to become a trusted partner for YOUR pharmaceutical project.

Let us explain how we are not just a supplier but can also be a Project Partner

Once the overall concept for a project has been agreed, the process of designing the physical structure begins. Attention also turns to approved suppliers of components and how these will be used to deliver the finished process. Often, this follows a well-trodden path of engaging certain suppliers for specific products, but there is an opportunity to exploit other products from the same suppliers, reducing project complexity.

From this point, the process of designing and installing a new pharmaceutical process usually involves three main groups:

  1. Mechanical engineering dealing with pipework, vessels and valves
  2. Electrical and instrumentation engineers taking care of valve control and electrical installation
  3. Automation engineers are responsible for the control concept and implementation

Each group has their own set of goals that, together with designers and contractors, will deliver the project for the end user. However, these groups will often act independently once the overall concept for the process has been decided. They will proceed with designing and specifying the components they need from approved vendors to deliver their section of the project.
We aim to bring these groups together

Your Advantages at a glance

✓ Improving designs

By working across the three major design groups, Bürkert can deliver a more integrated solution. By working in partnership with OEMs, it is possible to take advantage of additional cost savings as well as reduce the overall time for installation and commissioning.

✓ Expertise on hand

Bürkert’s Hygiene Competency Centre (HCC), offers a central pool of expertise that can be targeted at a specific issue or challenge. 

HCC contains the resources to allocate engineers to work with the original project team and provide assistance to all three areas of the design. A local point of contact or project manager is assigned responsibility for coordinating the communication and ensuring all aspects of the project are covered.

By taking a more holistic approach, providing project management support, design expertise, documentation, step files, drawings, 3D models, simulations and sizing tools for control valves, the whole project can become more efficient.

Our Field Segment Managers for .hygienic Pharmaceutical would be happy to answer any of your questions!

Discover just how easily pharmaceutical production processes can be automated and controlled using established solutions from Bürkert:

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