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Control Cabinet Solutions

Control cabinets can contain many diverse components, depending on the application. Starting with 2 valves mounted in a small plastic control box, to control cabinets with combined pneumatic, electronic and valve technology, all the way to highly complex customized system panels with control functions in a stainless steel housing, Bürkert – as a competent system supplier – offers a broad spectrum of control cabinet solutions.

control cabinet solution

control cabinet solution

The focus is on system solutions for process automation with applications in the segments of Water, Gas and Hygienic. Please find numerous references:

Food and Beverage

Our deep experience in the Hygienic segment means we can combine our knowledge and abilities to create solutions that fit exactly with your requirements. Today’s manufacturing of foods, juices, energy drinks, beer, or cheese need robust control, communication, automation and super reliable actuation.

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Process actuation is the heart of Bürkert’s pharmaceutical expertise. With clients around the world at pharmaceutical plants, builders of fermentors, filtration skids and WFI production equipment we have exceeded market expectations for modularity, performance and ease of use. Our innovation continues into the hazardous location which is often present in pharmaceutical and cosmetic production plants with systems built for Zone 1 and 2 or Class 1 Div 1 FM as required.

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Water Treatment

Our Water segment offers customized control cabinet solutions. Whether for drinking water, industrial process water or even waste water treatment, Bürkert provides a solution that is fully in the interest of the plant operator.

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High system availability through process reliability in the chemical process of the Goldschmidt company


Bürkert components are used in the chemical industry for automation and control of complex production processes. Efficient solution concepts are developed in coordination with the customer and implemented in the Bürkert’s own ATEX-certified control cabinet construction.

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Integrated mass flow controller in control cabinets protect coating technology against dust and moisture

Other References

Integrated mass flow controller in control cabinets protect coating technology against dust and moisture

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For the certification of your control cabinets you also have the right partner at your side. Our Systemhaus locations in Germany, the USA and China develop customized control cabinets for your complex production processes.

We offer the right solution for your individual requirement. Please contact our sales team

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