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Practical service life tests for products in the area of hygienic processing

The requirements placed on the service life, reliability and functionality of applied valves inprocess technology – especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries – are increasing all the time. Bürkert Fluid Control Systems faces up to this challenge and invested in a multi-medium testing facility.

Multi Testing Area

Thanks to the multi-medium testing facility, products up to orifice DN 100 can now be fully tested, as the facility enables realistic process simulations for cleaning and sterilisation processes. The tests are performed automatically according to previously defined test conditions. Temperatures, pressure ranges, number of cycles and switching times of the valves can be defined and programmed for various media. The test procedures are based on current Bürkert standards as well as relevant standards and regulations, e.g. ASME BPE Appendix K, the international standard on how to design and build equipment and systems used in the production of biopharmaceuticals. However, application-specific test procedures are also possible. The realistic durability and long-term tests in extreme and limited conditions also provide a good basis for further optimising the reliability, durability and service life of all components that come into contact with the medium.

What is tested?

The cleaning and sterilisation processes within the multi-medium testing facility are achieved through the use of various test media. The test media include purified and ozonised water, acids and caustics in various concentrations, pure steam, compressed air, vacuum and other compatible application-specific media. The media sequence can be defined separately in the six test chambers. This results in almost unlimited possibilities for the test scenarios and allows tests to be carried out as close to the real application conditions as possible. The optional recording and documentation of test parameters serves to verify the test procedure.



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