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Valve island Type 8647 for Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP HA

The valve island Type 8647 fits seamlessly into the peripheral system SIMATIC ET 200SP & SIMATIC ET 200SP HA. Discover the advantages now!

In addition to the Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP, the newly developed valve island Type 8647 AirLINE SP can be seamlessly integrated into the Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP HA and the Process Control System 7 (PCS 7).

The space-saving valve island can be installed inside a control cabinet together with various Siemens modules, thus enabling the control of up to 64 valve functions.

Well-established cooperation between Bürkert and Siemens

For a number of years now, Siemens and Bürkert have been successfully pooling their expertise in the fields of automation and fluid technology. This cooperation has previously resulted in the valve island Types 8650 and 8644. By combining individual strengths, it has been possible to develop Type 8647 AirLINE SP, an innovative pneumatic automation system, which is not only state-of-the-art, but also offers various news features.

The advantages provided by valve island Type 8647 AirLINE SP in detail 

Thanks to its compatibility with Siemens peripheral systems, the valve island can be set up very easily. It performs identically to Siemens modules, while boasting numerous functions, explains Tobias Zipf, Product Manager Pneumatics:

“The integration of Type 8647 also provides the valve island with access to all of the Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP HA’s PROFINET functions. This allows the customer to benefit through greater process reliability and increased plant availability.”

Integrated check valves in the exhaust air ducts help to prevent unwanted valve switching caused by uncontrolled pressure peaks. In addition, the valve island has a hot-swap function, allowing valves to be changed during operation. Central monitoring of the number of switching cycles of the valves enables wear-optimised maintenance (“predictive maintenance”) and improves the process reliability of the plant.

✓ Direct connection to the I/O system ET 200SP HA
✓ Avoidance of unwanted valve switching
✓ Valve replacement possible during operation thanks to hot-swap function
✓ Wear-optimised, preventive maintenance possible

The new version of our valve island is already available in the Bürkert eShop. Order now and connect it directly to the Siemens I/O system ET 200SP HA.

Type 8647

AirLINE SP – electropneumatic automation system

Type 8647
  • Direct connection to the I/O systems SIMATIC ET 200SP and SIMATIC ET 200SP HA
  • Integration in Siemens PCS7 possible
  • Combination of fieldbus, pilot valves and I/O modules
  • Easy diagnostics by LC display
  • Safety-related shut-off of valves possible

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