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Type 8030 - INLINE-Flowsensor

INLINE-Flowsensor for continuous flow measurement
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International datasheets
documents description language country size
 8030-Standard-EU-EN.pdf INLINE Sensor EN EU 325 kB
 8030-Hightemp-EU-EN.pdf High temperature Sensor EN EU 351 kB
 S030-Standard-EU-EN.pdf InLine Fitting for 803X-SE30EX EN EU 552 kB
 SE30-Exhazard-EU-EN.pdf INLINE ATEX Flowmeter EN EU 900 kB
 8022-standard-EU-EN.pdf Flow transmitter/Pulse divider EN EU 345 kB

Other country versions of the datasheets can be found on the individual country web sites. Please use the navigation tool to select a local Bürkert site.

ML multilingual    DE german    EN english    FR french    ES spanish   
documents description language country size
 S030-HighTemp.-EU-ML.pdf High Temperature Fittings DE, EN, FR  EU 488 kB 
 8022-Quickstart-EU-ML.pdf Flow Transmitter/Pulse divider DE, EN, FR  EU 522 kB 
 8030-HTFlowmeter-EU-ML.pdf High temperature flowmeter DE, EN, FR  EU 584 kB 
 8030-Flowmeter-EU-ML.pdf Hall /LowPower Hall flowmeter DE, EN, FR  EU 569 kB 
 8030-LowPower-EU-ML.pdf Low Power Version DE, EN, FR  EU 22 kB 
 S030-InlineFittng-EU-ML.pdf Inline fitting w. paddle-wheel DE, EN, FR  EU 885 kB 
 SE30EX-Supplement-EU-ML.pdf Supplement, SE30Ex NPN/PNP DE, EN, FR  EU 568 kB 
 8022-FlowTransmit-EU-EN.pdf Flow Transmitter/Pulse divider EN  EU 438 kB 

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